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Compassion - If you are suffering from personal injury or are dealing with the loss of a loved one, this is a challenging and emotional time for you. Attorneys at Coffman Law Offices PC understand the compassion and sensitivity needed as you seek legal redress. Attorney Brian Coffman worked for years defending corporate insurance companies. With the experience he gained, he found his passion on the other side, asserting the rights of accident victims and demanding compensation from those responsible.

Flexibility - As a small, private firm, Coffman Law Offices PC can deliver a level of customer service superior to that of big firms. At Coffman Law Offices PC, you will have personal feedback and will know who to contact regarding your case. Free of harsh corporate formalities, clients have direct access to their attorney and are provided personal contact information, including their attorney’s email address and cell phone number.

Experience - Founding Attorney, Brian Coffman, gained tremendous trial experience as in-house counsel for a large Chicago insurance company. He represented insurance companies in accident and workplace incidents in which the insurance companies were trying to get out of paying. He knows how defense attorneys analyze and weigh cases and how actions are run through the system. Now representing accident victims on the other side of the case, he knows the inside and has a leading edge that will deliver results for you.

Results - People who are facing serious injury or the loss of a loved one are dealing with many issues, including loss of work, medical bills, and emotional distress. They often do not understand the system and are feeling overwhelmed with the process of asserting a claim for their injuries or those of a loved one. Coffman Law Offices PC will help get you back to where you were before. We cannot turn back time, but we can help you recover lost compensation, payment for medical expenses, compensation for permanent injuries, and in many cases, even payment for your pain and suffering.

Contact us to set up your free consultation. At Coffman Law Offices PC, you pay no fees unless you win. You have nothing to lose. Call us today.

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