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Premises Liability

Any time you venture onto real property owned or operated by another person or entity, there is a certain level of risk involved. With owning property, operating a business, or maintaining a public space comes the obligation to maintain the property in reasonably safe conditions and to warn guests and invitees of any dangers present. This duty is often neglected, and as a result, slip and fall cases are a common occurrence in grocery stores, restaurants, schools, malls, parking lots, and many other locations.

Premises liability also encompasses criminal conduct that occurs on another’s property, including theft, battery, and physical and sexual assault. In certain cases, states, including Illinois and Indiana, also extend liability beyond the physical boundaries of an owner’s property. For example, dram shop laws impose liability upon bar owners for injuries that are caused by intoxicated patrons, even after the patrons have left the premises and have entered the roadways, harming or killing other individuals.

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