A personal injury and wrongful death law firm representing injured people and families of lost loved ones

Firm Overview

The team of legal professionals at Coffman Law Offices PC is committed to providing superb legal representation for people who are suffering from severe personal injuries or are dealing with the loss of a loved one due to negligence or misconduct. At Coffman Law Offices PC, we deliver big firm results with the personal attention and individual care and consideration that your situation deserves.

Coffman Law Offices PC is a small, private firm where you can be sure that you will know who is handling your case. We focus on providing clients the individual attention they require. The attorneys at Coffman Law Offices PC make the extra effort to keep you informed about the progress of your case and to ensure that you are able to reach them when you need them, giving their clients direct access to their cell phone and personal email. Every case, every person, every injury matters, and we will give you the degree of compassion, attention, and consideration that you need to seek adequate redress for your injuries and loss.

Founding Attorney, Brian W. Coffman, has acquired extensive knowledge and experience that he will put to work for you. Brian spent years defending accident and injury cases for several corporate insurance companies. He learned the legal strategy and trial tactics that large insurance companies use to defend suits filed against them. With determination and an inside edge, he now dedicates his practice to helping accident victims file suit against corporate insurers. He is skilled at winning and will produce results for you.

Time is a crucial factor to the success of your recovery. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one, contact Coffman Law Offices PC today.

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